Wrecked Exotics

Welcome to the internet's largest collection of exotic car crash photos. We display over 6,000 wrecked exotic cars to show you the real consequences of reckless driving.

These car crash pictures involve some of the most expensive automobiles ever produced including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren F1, Bugatti and more. All in all, you'll find almost a quarter of a Billion Dollars worth of damage within this car crash collection. That's enough to make any insurance company weep.

Wrecked Exotics

Published on September 12, 2005

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#, adam , on 30/11/07 11:22 AM

what was that guy thinking ?..... he must of been drunk lol

#1, Gabrielle Martinez , on 14/02/08 12:38 PM

wo this person realy knows how to mess up a ugly car.

#2, Alexander Díaz , on 04/03/08 10:25 AM

it{s such a shame just to look at those beauties totally recked... i{m lookingt for a cheap car and those guys does not care about them... can i get at least a part of those cars...

#3, Elizar Imperial , on 15/03/08 8:50 AM

It's my dream car,i can only afford to buy a honda civic,guys who are wealthy enough does'nt care about it

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