Extreme Hybrid

AFS Trinity Power Corporation has unveiled a new hybrid technology that will result in extremely low fuel consumption. They claim a saloon could get up to 250 mpg and a SUV could get 200 mpg.

The main differences between the Extreme Hybrid and a regular hybrid vehicle is that in the Extreme Hybrid most of the power is generated from the electric motor. The idea is that the electric motor lasts 40 to 50 miles, which is the most a typical American commutes in one go. After each run, like an electric car, it recharges its batteries.

The other differences is that the recharging while braking in the Extreme Hybrid is much more efficient. It's capable of regenerating 80% of its energy very quickly just from braking.

It sounds promising. We should see some Extreme Hybrids in action in a year or two. More more information refer to the article on Auto Industry.

Published on February 24, 2005

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